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One Piece Mystery Pack - Uncover the Treasure!

One Piece Mystery Pack - Uncover the Treasure!

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Each Mystery Pack contains 4 Japanese Booster Packs (randomly selected from OP01 - OP06), 1 English OP04 Booster Pack, 1 Mystery Pack, and potentially 1 BONUS pack.

Booster pack pull rates are listed below:

DIAMOND - 1:25 - EN OP01 Pre-Errata

GOLD - 1:15 - EN OP01 Errata

SILVER - 1:10 - EN OP02 or EN OP05

RED - 1:5 - EN OP03

BLACK - Minimum Guaranteed - EN OP04

BONUS - 1:30 - One in thirty mystery pouches will contain a bonus card of some of your favorite characters Alt Arts like OP01 Nami, Luffy and Zoro etc.



NOTE: All packs came directly from sealed cases purchased by the Collectr team. No packs came from loose boxes. 

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